Monday, January 24, 2011

Learning to Coexist

Since the beginning of mankind, people have fought over opinions. Every person believes that their philosophy is "the right one", but if we decide to listen to another perspective, we might learn a little about ourselves. Tolerance is a very strange thing as it eases conflict externally and increases it internally. When we allow ourselves to question our place in the universe, we open the door to limitless opportunities. When we realize the vast array of possibilities, we are suddenly much more tolerant of others and their perceptions of reality.

Reality is a very fluid thing; even scientists have trouble pinpointing what it is. Once believed to be a stagnant, rigid fact that exists outside of ourselves and our control, now reality appears to be something that constantly changes due to each individual's relative view. Einstein realized that if five individuals witnessed the same event, let's say... a shooting, they would each have a different account as to what happened because they are all standing in different angles.

Vocabulary has helped humans make sense of our reality as we label anything and everything in an attempt to simplify the most complicated things. What one person calls something using one language may contradict another's term for the same thing. This has led to countless wars and social conflicts for thousands of years. God, Jehovah, Jesus, The Trinity, Source Energy, Allah, Enlightenment, The Holy Spirit, The Illuminated, The Universal Source... these terms are all describing the same thing: some thing we can not explain, nor prove, and yet these terms have been fought over for centuries. As a race seeking to preserve itself, we should be ashamed. We are all humans, all equal in every respect.

Each person's will is their own and no one can take that away from them. For anyone to claim that their way is the only way is naive and dangerous. They are unwittingly forcing their beliefs, ideals, and lifestyles upon another. No person has that right. We each have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It's entirely burdensome to feel the need to fix your family, friends, and the world. Just live life the way you want and allow others to do the same. It's okay to have your own philosophical views, logic and reasoning can not explain everything because everything is subjective. Because it is subjective, it is also okay to have people disagree. Variety is what makes life worth living. Choice is what makes us human.

To those who feel pressured to live a life which is not your own, be true to yourself and bask in the glorious light which is your own. No one can ever take away your free will unless you give it to them. If your family and friends are the culprit of this pressure, understand that they are doing what they think is right. They love you and want what they think is best for you. Try to not lash out at them, even if they are being very difficult. You know what is right for you, follow your own path. It's okay if you agree to disagree. You can not make them agree with you. They have the same rights as you to live the life they choose. Sit them down and explain how you feel and describe who you want to be. Maybe if you try conversation and reasoning, the blow won't be as emotionally impacting. Despite what they say at the moment, they will always be there for you. Even though you may be going through dramatic life changes, you have to be there for your family in order for them to be able to be there for you.

To those who make fun of others or wish to harm others who think differently than you, learn tolerance. People from different religions or cultures are not stupid or savage; they are just like you and me. By pushing away other cultures and philosophies, you are only hurting yourself. You will inevitably be absorbed by your hatred. People won't want to be around you because of your judgmental criticism. People like people who like them. Begin with a smile and casual conversation. If they bring up a topic you are not comfortable with, instead of shouting, just let them know that you try to not talk about religion because of its controversial nature. When you feel comfortable enough with your ability to get along with others, only then would I suggest moving into the stage of listening to others' perceptions of reality. Small steps can lead to a massive mind, heart, and soul expansion. Loving others is the only key to being loved.

For those who are family and friends of those who are questioning their faith or want to learn about other cultures, I know how difficult it must be for you. I know you might feel as though a big chunk of your heart was stomped on and that you must have not been there enough for your friend or relative. It's not your fault. This person might simply be trying to find themselves. Also, consider the possibility that this person might not be questioning their faith at all; they might just be interested in learning how others live or lived. Remember that they are not doing this to you; they are finding themselves. This is a tough time for everyone involved. Try to be supportive and discuss religion in a rational, relaxed manner. Try to understand what they are trying to learn and be supportive. Even if it hurts, remember that they are hurting too. They might feel pressured, like they are letting you down. Reassert your love for them and they will respond with greater respect and admiration for your respect. No matter what path they pave for themselves, know that their self-blossoming is not a sign of disrespect. They love you regardless of the cruel things they may say. If you let them know that it is okay to discuss these things calmly, they will. This can open the doors to a tighter bond.

Here are some songs that I found that relate to this and might express how some of you may feel. The songs are in the order of a heart gradually opening itself up to possibilities. Sit back and enjoy.

May you achieve all your dreams.

Love and peace to you all,


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 7: Opening Doors


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