Friday, August 13, 2010

The Thought Provoking Art of Alex Grey

Alex Grey is a fantastic artist! His spiritual, scientific art is best known for its use in Tool's music videos and album covers. He is very active in the spiritual and artistic communities. I love analyzing his art.
There's a LOT going on this image. The tree of life symbolizes Gaia, Mother Earth, with a rooted man at her core. The earth in the center of the tree, projecting it's energy to the fabrics of space-time. Above that is an enlightened, protective figure like an angel or Gaia. One side is polluted, industrialized, and destructive. This pollution is cancelled by all the clean goodness the earth has to offer. Above all this is the greater universe.
Light Weaver:
Another complex image depicts the recharging of a person by another through Reiki healing. The energy is exiting the healer's hands and is entering the receiver's third eye. The forehead is being charged with light being crystallized in a geometrical form as it seeps into a tiny bead in his third eye. The energy then concentrates on certain pressure points. As the individual is being healed with this light energy, his body is filled with cleansing power, as is depicted by the bolts of electricity.

I love this painting! The painter is seeking inspiration for his painting. He is raising his frequency in order to receive ideas from god or a higher being. Frida Kahlo and Van Gogh are among the painter's icons depicted as his maestros. The painter appears to be in a trans-like state where his heart is being poured onto the canvas. He and his art are protected by light energy from above, keeping those who wish him harm away.

The Seer:
Notice how ancient symbolism of the all-seeing eye and a sacred geometrical fractal image of the Star of David is used in this art piece to symbolize the opening of the third eye chakra. As he is meditating, he is radiating love light.
This is the most beautiful depiction of death I have ever come across. A pair of eyes can be seen on each side of the corpse. The eyes follow his soul to the light. The all-seeing eye is of course God. The soul is depicted as a sandy substance floating upward through the air. The light emerges in a geometrical pattern between the cracks of the eyes .
This image shows a couple embracing. The light from their auras converge into oneness as they kiss. Their kiss is electric and powerful. Fires from their passion light the outer rims of their conjoined auras. This is a very sweet picture :).

Wow I love this so much. This picture depicts so much. I love the natural scenery in the meditation. The flames of passion surround the astral plane. The meditative man sits in lotus position with a protective bubble consuming his body. His chakras are charged and he is projecting his energy into the fabrics of space-time, which are depicted by the grid lines.

If you are interested in learning more about Alex Grey and his art, I encourage you to visit his website here.


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