Thursday, August 13, 2009

H1N1: How To Prepare

I am sure we have all seen the wide-spread panic displayed on the mainstream international media outlets regarding the upcoming fall swine flu "pandemic"; but is such pandemonium really necessary?
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 436 Americans have died as a result of swine flu (Link Here). Also on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website is a figure for the amount of people who die from classic influenza each year, 36,000 people (Link Here).
When comparing the above figures, H1N1 hardly seems to be a concern as of now, and yet the World Health Organization has already labeled the H1N1 outbreak a "pandemic" (Link Here).
The media has warned those who are health care workers, young, or pregnant be first priority for vaccinations. Reuters has stated that half the US population should be vaccinated (Link Here). With such confusion and panic, what should people do?
Sit back, breathe deeply, and look at the facts.
Swine flu is nothing to be concerned about, as of now. Although it is a blend of human, bird, and swine viruses, the H1N1 virus has a similar affect to a healthy body as influenza. According to the president of the Paul Ehrlich Institute the side affects of the vaccine could be worse than the actual virus (Link Here). The same link also quotes a German lung expert who claims that this vaccine increases the risk of cancer. The Japanese health ministry will reissue a warning against taking Tamiflu due to the deaths of several Japanese children who had taken the drug (Link Here). This link displays a clip from a FOX News broadcast in which the reporter admits that despite the fact that the government has 20 million doses of the new H1N1 vaccine, they are only now conducting human trials on the vaccine and that FEMA and NORTHCOM will prepare teams in case of an outbreak. The following is a clip by the famous Dr. Mercola warning against the H1n1 vaccine. In the clip, Dr. Mercola tells viewers which vaccine to take if they are ever forced to take the vaccine (Link Here). My suggestion is to listen closely to Dr. Mercola's advice, prepare the way you normally would for winter (i.e. washing hands, being mindful of germs, etc), and to not panic. Normally I would finish with my own suggestions or thoughts, but Dr. Mercola's clip says it all... Plus, HE is the doctor.
I hope everyone stays safe this flu season.


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