Sunday, August 30, 2009

Open Source Software and the Oligopoly

I have today, for the first time, seen Linux in action. I was amazed at how advanced Linux is compared to Vista and Mac OSX. I know there are minor compatability issues, but Macs and Vista has compatability issues. So why don't people use Linux? It's free, it's more advanced, it has free software on it that would cost thousands otherwise. The only reason I can think of is oligopoly: Microsoft and Apple working hand-in-hand to corner the market. Think about it, we only hear about Macs and Vista. In my university, photojournalism majors MUST have the newest Mac laptop in order to enroll in that major. Business courses require that students use Office 2007, the latest version of Office. Professors claim that they don't like it but MUST tell the students to use 2007. Why? Why must they promote something they don't like? I think the school is getting money to promote Macs and Microsoft Office 2007. I would be perfectly happy settling for Windows XP or Linux... they are both adequate for what I need. Office 2003 or Open Office works just as well for businesses as Office 2007. Why must we always be forced through society, education, or careers to buy the latest, unnecessary gadgets and software? It's like the film Antitrust (a very good film, by the way). In the film Antitrust, a major software developing company, killed (literally) all the competition that showed promise. I don't think that Mac and Windows CEOs kill, I think they stomp out competition by working together. Just like Comcast and CableOne. Comcast takes one half of Mississippi while Cableone has a monopoly over the other half. The same goes with Target and Walmart. When you see a Super Walmart, you don't see a Super Target, only a regular Target and vica versa. I have to reformat my XP, but afterward, I will not fall into this marketing ploy. I will use XP along with Linux (it IS possible to have two OSs on a computer) and use Open Office and other open source software. Anything else, in my opinion, is unnecessary and overrated. Microsoft and Apple are too rich for my taste: they overprice their items, offer mediocre service, and use patent laws to crush anyone who comes up with something better. Trust me, just watch a Linux video on Youtube and you'll see how advanced they are... and they are FREE. They came out with 3D desktops and aero screens YEARS ago: before OSX and Vista came out. I would never pay for something when there is something better that is free. So stick it to the man and join me in the free software revolution ;) !


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