Friday, February 25, 2011

My 90 Day Challenge

I'm going to do it! I'm going to finally take control of my body and my life!

I was inspired by a man in Mississippi who had lost a substantial amount of weight... 100 lbs! He used social media sites to record his progress. He claimed that the thought of letting others down was his motivation to see it through. Here is his inspirational story. I thought I would try it out. Another man who was overweight is now a weight trainer and health guru. He now posts his advice and exercise videos on his Youtube page, sixpackshortcuts. One of his videos is below. As many of you know, I LOVE chocolate and Italian food. These two factors contribute to most of my calorie intake. I don't drink sodas nor do I eat fried foods or eat out. I have vegetables only during supper though and I hardly ever eat fruits. I exercise for fun and thus only sporadically do relaxing yoga and belly dancing. I sometimes step it up a notch by kick boxing. Other than that, I hardly ever move around. I spend most of my time behind my laptop writing articles, talking on Skype, or looking for a job. This all has to change! I figure that if I can do it (especially with all my failed attempts) anyone can. Now it's my turn to make myself put my feet where my mouth is (eww).

I will record my results and post it here every two weeks. I chose not to use one week as sometimes that could lead to discouragement. I want to focus on my actions and not the results.

Exercise plan:
For 90 days I will be spending 25 minutes doing this intense exercise. In the evenings I will do some yoga to relax my body and mind before bed. After the 90 days, I will do kick boxing exercises in the morning, and belly dancing + yoga in the afternoon or evening (whichever my future job permits).

Diet plan:

As I am only 5 ft tall and have a small to medium frame, I will limit my daily calorie intake to only 1,000-1,200 lbs. I will have fiber for breakfast, a fruit snack, then vegetables for lunch, calcium (ie cheese or yogurt) for a snack, then supper with my father. I will have coffee in the mornings but black (no sugar, no milk, no creamer... nothing!). In order to not impose my diet goals upon another, I will eat what is cooked for supper... but in small portions. After supper, I will have only one piece of dark chocolate for my final snack of the day.

Needless to say, this will be very tough. I am determined though. I normally think about dieting as cutting calories but not chocolate. That is a negative way of looking at food. I don't want heart or esophagus problems in the future. I want to live a long, healthy life so I can do the things I want. Once every week I will weigh myself. I will share with Seek2ruth my results. I am hoping that if my friends and family see that I can do it despite my long-lived addiction to chocolate, that they will be motivated to live more healthily themselves.

Here is a website full of handy tips that I will also be using to lose weight and keep it off:

Wish me luck!


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