Friday, March 4, 2011

Week 1: The Struggle

This week has been intense! I decided to start by doing the exercise posted in the last article three times a week. Next week I will add yoga in the evenings (all week). The third week I will add belly dancing in the mornings (all week). Then on week four I will increase to five times a week for the main exercise. This is the plan... but I will listen to my body.

For instance, the first day of exercise was extremely tough. I did it completely with very little breaks in-between. As a result, I was dizzy, shaky, and nauseated. I drank two bottles of spring water to no avail. My dad handed me a bottle of Gatorade and wallah!... the sick feelings were gone! I now know to not underestimate the power of electrolytes and not overestimate my body's ability to change rapidly.

As for my diet, I have replaced Toaster Strudels, Pop Tarts, and waffles with Nutella and toast, Nutella & banana wheat wraps (which is absolutely divine!), Fiber One and Cheerios cereals with and without sliced bananas, and spinach filled omelets & scrambled eggs. I drink only water except for my coffee in the morning served black. For lunch I have a spinach salad with strawberries, organic granola, and low-fat raspberry vinaigrette; cooked garlic spinach; fruit smoothies with v8 juice, milk, strawberries, bananas, yogurt, and granola; peanuts and yogurt (sometimes w/ granola instead of peanuts), and spinach salads in a wheat wrap. For supper I have whatever my dad is eating but I have reduced my portions. I also only have a 60 calorie mousse, ONE chocolate mint cookie, or ONE piece of Dove's dark chocolate singles for my daily chocolate intake.

This diet and exercise plan is what works best for me. I am going to always listen to my body and constantly make improvements as I see fit. It was very, VERY difficult at times to say no to my chocolate cravings... especially during my job search. After weighing in, I realized how instant the rewards are and how glad I am to have started this now instead of later. I am now craving fruits and vegetables and am repulsed by fake breaded chicken and french fries. I actually couldn't finish eating them; most of my plate was full! I have lost two pounds since Monday. Seeing results so soon is encouraging. I was so down this week because I was turned down for the job that I had wanted for months. I was so close to turning to my comfort zone and returning to my chocolate indulgence. I am glad I made it through week one. I think as I lose weight and can fit in my old clothes again I will begin to regain my confidence and the cravings will subside. I know that by sticking with it despite my depressive moments will help motivate me to take control of my life and hopefully radiate that confidence to future employers. I will write again at the end of week 2 to update Seek2ruth on my progress. From now on I will write every two weeks. I wanted to update you during my tough first week in hopes that it can be helpful to those who are also struggling with their weight or are lacking confidence. Keep on keeping on and do something that will make you happy until something comes along.
Much love


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