Sunday, August 15, 2010

At Home Genetic Testing: Eugenics Warning

My dad had Fox News turned on the TV and I heard the words "at home genetic testing" and my ears went up and my tail began to wag... well, not literally. I immediately stopped what I was doing and turned the volume up. Walgreens is considering selling a genetic testing kit that is supposed to be as simple as a pregnancy test. The news anchors of course used NLP techniques such as saying things like "and yes, there are SOME concerns" then having the proponent of the device ease the audiences concerns by not addressing the concerns but by stating how safe it really is.
Well Fox News guys, I have some news for YOU. This device MAY in fact be safe, but that is NOT my concern. I know many people will jump at the opportunity of finding out what diseases they are more likely to get because of family traits. I want those of you who are considering using this product to at least know the potential dangers this will have on yourself, your family, and society at large.
Fox News said something quickly that made all the difference in the way I perceived this product. The news anchor stated that the device would be returned to Walgreens and sent to a lab to conduct the test. Well... if it is sent to a lab and all our doctors now have to be certified by the government... (I think you know where I'm going with this.)
In case you DON'T know what I'm referring to, let me tell you what my eye doctor told me a few months ago. Because of the recently passed health care bill all doctors must spend thousands of dollars registering as doctors with the government. They must reapply every few years and update their offices with computers for them to store your data. Everything you tell your doctor is stored on a government-accessible database, thus ending the confidentiality rule all doctors are supposed to abide by.
Now back to the test... When it is sent to a lab what do you think will happen to your data? If the researchers and doctors will be registered with the government, then they will be forced to upload your genetic information into their data banks. The genetic information does not sound as though it can affect you in a negative way though, right?
Well around the beginning of the 20th century many scientists in the medical and biological sciences began practicing what is known as eugenics. Here is the Wikipedia article on it. Slowly this false science began seeping into social sciences such as economics, anthropology, and even politics. Well known and respected economics leaders of the time were also eugenicists. Here is the link to many works done by an economics professor at Princeton regarding eugenics in economics and politics. Planned Parenthood was originally a eugenics program (link Here and Here). The Nazis actually got their plan for scientific experiments on Jews, homosexuals, Catholics, and gypsies from American eugenicists. Hitler praised the eugenics programs in America and sought to implement them in Germany. After WWII, eugenics went underground. Most organizations known for eugenics changed their names to mask their agendas. I fear that this information, once in the hands of the government, may one day be used for dictating what a person is allowed to do according to their genetic capabilities and who is allowed to live and mate.
It sounds ridiculous but history has a tendency to repeat itself. I have actually seen scholarships that were offered to students who would support sterilization programs abroad. I do fear that too much government control could easily lead to corruption of this information and the rebirth of American eugenics. If you doubt this, look at the articles I posted above and keep this quote in mind:
"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." -Lord Acton


Anonymous said...

Yes- Eugenics is being used to wipe out whole races- Have you watched Maafa21? See the trailer here am no excited about this type of technology.

NManuel said...

Thank you for your comment. I have never seen this film. I am looking forward to watching it now that I have seen the trailer. I am very concerned for the minorities and impoverished of the world.

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