Friday, August 13, 2010

How To Attract A Healthier You

I know many people who are ill or unhealthy in one way or another. Know that it doesn't have to be like that. Every dis-ease within your body is as a result of stress or strain on the body. When put that way, it seems easy to fix it, right? Put less strain on your body by eating healthily.

Avoid processed foods that can cause cancer, diabetes, headaches, neurological disorders, weight gain, and ulcers. Eat more vegetables and fruits and limit processed breads and meats to a minimum if it is difficult to locate fresh foods. I know, I know more fruits, veggies, and natural foods sounds disgusting, right? Well, think of it as an art project. You can mix foods, make your own sauces from fresh herbs, garlic, and tomatoes, search for recipes online, and experiment with foods. If you are on the go, make foods that can be heated at your place of work or food that doesn't require heating. If you make something that needs to be refrigerated, pack it with a tiny ice pack. This doesn't have to be your mundane sandwich your mom made for you for school. You can make pastas, fruit cocktails, whatever you want! If you enjoy restaurant foods from Chili's or Applebee's or the Olive Garden, look up their main ingredients and make your own version for you and your family. You'll save money and be more healthy.

You should also exercise to increase energy, lose weight, get fit, and balance your bodily functions. If you dislike running, swim instead. If you don't like lifting weights, try yoga and pilates. If you dislike any type of exercise where you do the same thing everyday, mix it up. You can use this as an opportunity to have fun with your kids. Whether it's hiking, canoeing, basketball, football, soccer, skating, or tag, you are bonding with your family and ensuring their health and happiness.

The most important step in any diet and exercise plan is to think healthily. I know this sounds so strange but it is true. Stress is also mental. If you stop stressing about losing weight or getting better and instead focus on the solutions, you will heal yourself more quickly and effortlessly. Granted, there is effort put into it but you won't feel sick. You will begin to notice that you are feeling hopeful and energetic before your body has even begun its healing process. Stressing about how ill you are will only make you feel more ill. Shifting your focus will also encourage motivation for exercising, eating well, and enjoying the things you didn't think you could still enjoy. It is never too late to start enjoying life again. I hope these health tips can get you on the road to recovery and a healthier you.


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