Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Power of Mental Creation Program

I am beginning a new, free program called The Power of Mental Creation. This is my very first program and is thus a learning experience :). I am extremely excited and would like everyone to take part in this. The point behind this seven day program will be to bring out the inner-strength that will enable each of you to tackle the problems you are currently facing in your life. My focus will be to help you gain confidence in your ability to change your current situation and create a better reality for yourself. No information will be stored about you. This is not meant for statistical analysis. This program is to help you achieve the things you want in your life. Topics will include finding opportunities, love and relationships, wealth and career help, physical and mental health, and general happiness and inner peace. I will post on Seek2ruth a week prior to the start of the program the dates of each event. Conversations will be held in the Seek2ruth Forum. If you wish to have more information regarding this event, feel free to comment here and I will respond to you promptly.


Rei said...

This looks wonderful! Will enjoy seeing how it goes.

David said...

It sounds very interesting. It should be a good learning experience for everyone involved. Keep us posted. I definitely want to participate.

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