Friday, August 13, 2010

Bill Hicks: It's Just A Ride

Bill Hicks was a comedian who used sarcasm to make a point about how people perceive reality and how society is manipulated by the media, religion, corporations, and the government. He wished to wake people up to the truth through entertainment. He was a successful stand-up comedian, musician, and tv show host. He even traveled with Tool. Sadly, he died before his British broadcast could take off. In the first episode, he discussed many controversial issues and spoke often about world peace and oneness. One did not have to witness this broadcast to understand how clever, intelligent, and witty Bill was; below is a video from one of his stand-ups in which he answers the age old question: What is life? The answer: It's just a ride! Although it sounds overly simplistic, listen to him before judging from my description. RIP Bill Hicks, I would have loved to have known you.


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