Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Free Program to Increase Your Financial Literacy

It's that time again! I have a brand new program that will be posted on Seek2ruth next month. I do not yet have a date planned, but I will update Seek2ruthers once I have all the details. It will be called How to Manage Your Money and will take place over seven days. I already have the topics chosen:

  1. Assets and Liabilities

  2. Diversification

  1. Tax Savings

  2. Decreasing Debt

  3. Saving for the Future

  4. Wealthy Mindset

  5. Finance 101

Unlike my last free program, this program will include activities to improve your financial literacy. In total the program will include e-books, activity worksheets, videos, links to resources, and recommended reading. This program has been requested for some time now and I am happy to finally announce it. I will update you soon as possible as to the progress of the program.


Tarek said...

Looking forward to it!

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