Friday, March 18, 2011

Rating Professional Networks + 2 Handy Tools

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I spent the day checking out professional sites for those who need a job... because I need a job. I stumbled across a few really handy sites and have decided to give a rating for each site. I applied to all of them and played around with their features. I hope this helps in your job search.


This is THE professional network to use. Your professors, past employers, coworkers, and friends are all there. There's so much to do there... it's almost like having a business Facebook.
I give this site:

I have to admit that this site LOOKS impressive; however, substance comes at a cost. This site has a lot of resources but minimal tools to make your internet resume stand out. In order to add any cool features to your profile, you have to upgrade. For that, and the limited spaces available for the experience section, I give this site:

Pros and cons of using this site. Cons are very few but include: confusing tabs and ugly site graphics. Most importantly, you can't add groups and companies to follow. The pros outweigh most of the cons though. You have the most options for your profile out of any other site, including Linkedin. You can add video resumes, portfolios, links, and answers to typical interview questions (which no other site has). Overall it's a really, really good site. This is why I give it:

Although Uboast is also not very pretty, it is very thorough. It allows for video resumes, portfolios, links, and favorite quotes. It has more networking options than Jobster but isn't as handy for those trying to hire you. I give it:

MyWorkster is the most like a social network. It even has the chat bar on the bottom. You can search for people just like you. You can add video, music, image, and text files to your portfolio. The profile looks professional too. My only complaints are that there are no groups on MyWorkster and that there are no interview questions. Overall I give this site:

VisualCV is visually appealing and allows for graphs, text, photos, and videos. It is the least social of all the professional networks. It is easy to use and the profile graphics are simplified as to appeal to most employers. Overall, this deserves:

This isn't a social professional network. This is an online video resume site. As it is not like the above sites I will not rate it. It is just a handy tool that I thought I'd pass on.

This is not a place to put your video resume. It's a site full of advice. I highly recommend this site.

Good luck on the job search!


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